What Will Fuller House Be Like Without Aunt Becky?

by Christine Marie Attardo

News has been buzzing this week about the tuition scandal surrounding actress, Lori Loughlin. As a major Hallmark star and main cast member of Full House and Fuller House, fans have been waiting for news of how things will pan out for her. It didn’t take long for Hallmark to can the actress, but her Netflix fate has yet to be determined.
As a long time fan of the Full House franchise, Fuller House fulfilled a lot of fan dreams for me. It was announced earlier this year that the final season of Fuller House will air this Fall. The sad news is, it might be running without Aunt Becky.

On Friday, Deadline shared:

While no official final decision has been made by the streamer or distributor Warner Horizon Television on still UTA-repped Loughlin’s Fuller House fate, I’m told the writing is pretty clearly on the wall. A final judgement could come as soon as the next day or so.

With all that said, what would Fuller House be without Aunt Becky? The legacy cast hasn’t played any real earth shattering roles in the continuation of the series, but we would definitely notice her absence. There is no Uncle Jesse without Aunt Becky. I guess, time will tell.

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