Get A First Look at Stylish Action Anime “Tokunana”

by Sage Ashford

A promotional video for a new original anime known as Special Crime Investigation Unit – Special 7, has been been revealed. The series follows a group known as “Tokunana”, a special group working for Tokyo’s metropolitan police department, while they battle against “Nine”, a secret organization committing crimes out of a perverse sense of worship for the dragons which once existed in this alternate history Tokyo.
Not much is known about Tokunana yet, though some main staff members have been revealed.  The director is Harume Kosaka (One Piece, Maken-Ki), while Yuuichirou Higashide (Fate/Apocrypha) is handling the series composition, and Nanae Chrono (Peacemaker Kurogane) is designing the characters. The series is confirmed for a Fall 2019 premiere.

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