Bruce Accepts His Mission When Gotham Returns

by Erik Amaya

The Fox broadcast network is sure getting its money’s worth out of Gotham‘s last least. Despite being only 12 episodes, the show takes strange breaks. The upcoming break is a month long! But when it returns, Bruce (David Mazouz) accepts his mission to protect Gotham City from Bane (Shane West) and the last remnant of the League of Shadows. To do it, he’ll have to assemble all his remaining allies, convince a couple of ne’er-do-wells to join the cause, and assemble an armored suit. And if this preview is any indication of what may happen in the program’s final two episodes, his fateful meeting with a bat will take place in a new and different context.

Meanwhile, I have to admit West’s take on the Bane voice was pretty spiffy. I’d still like to hear some sort of Latino accent, but the meter West gave the character is effective — particularly in a Gotham context. The actor also seemed to be more at ease as a Gotham-style villain than the more contained Eduardo Dorrance. But if anything in this episode could top Bane, it was Lee (Morena Baccarin) pushing an in-labor Barbara (Erin Richards) down a hospital corridor while the mother-to-be shot at some of Bane’s goons. Also, the sudden friendship between them right before Barbara gave birth was heartwarming in a way only this show can deliver. Nevertheless, it seems Barbara’s fate may take her away from the baby before too long.
Gotham returns April 18th on FOX.

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