EA’s DICE Studio Brings Battle Royale To Battlefield V With ‘Firestorm’

by Sage Ashford

EA has released a trailer featuring a new mode added to the latest installment of their popular “Battlefield” franchise, Entitled “Firestorm”, this mode enables players to enjoy a 64-player battle royale, experienced either in a group or solo.  Firestorm comes with a new map, called Halvøy, which is ten times larger than Hamada, the current largest Battlefield map.   This isn’t unexpected either, as EA brings the vehicle combat that makes Battlefield stand out from other FPS franchises to battle royale, as the map will feature seventeen different vehicles, including tanks, helicopters, sports cars and much more, including sea-based vehicles.

True to most battle royales, the map will grow ever smaller thanks to a literal fire storm, appearing right after everyone is air dropped in, meaning players will fight over increasingly smaller land mass.  Meanwhile, players will be able to explore the land for different types of loot, or be rewarded with higher level loot by completing various objectives such as Resupply Points during the battle.

Battlefield V’s “Firestorm” launches March 25th for all players.

Sage Ashford

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