Nancy Drew & The Hardy Boys Team Up In New All-Ages Graphic Novel

by James Ferguson

This June, teen detectives join forces in a new all-ages adventure. Dynamite Entertainment has announced Nancy Drew & The Hardy Boys: The Mystery of the Missing Adults, an original graphic novel from writer Scott Bryan Wilson, artist Bob Solanovic, colorist Valentina Briski, and letterer Tom Napolitano.

The 104-page hardcover book picks up in the town of Bayport on a day where all the adults seem to have vanished. The teenagers in town should be in heaven, lounging on the couch, watching TV all day, and eating junk food. You know what they say about too much of a good thing, right? This is a case for the world’s greatest (high school) detectives, the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew.
Writer Scott Bryan Wilson says:

In our book, the Hardys, despite clearly being best friends and as close as two brothers can be, are constantly arguing and trying to one-up and embarrass each other. (These scenes are some of the funniest in the book, thanks to Bob’s incredibly expressive, wonderful, kinetic art, brilliant colors by Valentina, and slick lettering by Tom.) Our version of Nancy still has her as strong, independent, and the smartest person in the room, but she has a really sarcastic side, and there are some funny moments involving her, because we didn’t want her to be so perfect as to be unbelievable or unlikable.

Dynamite describes the book as “a nonstop mystery solving adventure of pure fun and friendship.” It also involves a mysterious skeleton, a koala-in-a-diaper costume, and an unrequited crush. From the sound of things, this will be a nice complement to comics like Lumberjanes, preaching the power of friendship without hitting you over the head with a “message.”
Artist Bob Solanovic added:

The best thing about this particular gig is the fact that I was hired precisely because of the way I draw. But I wasn’t entirely sure about my approach until I got the script. That’s when everything clicked because doing crazy scenes with people running around, fighting or just drawing visual gags – that’s what I’m really good at. Scott is too, so he threw in as much great stuff as he could, it’s completely crazy most of the time. Very dynamic. Very funny.

I’m a big advocate for all-ages comics and Nancy Drew & The Hardy Boys: The Case of the Missing Adults scratches that itch. It sounds and looks like great fun and perfect for kids to get into the medium while interesting enough to entertain adults as well. That’s the whole idea with all-ages books, right?
Editor Matt Idelson says:

I’m really thrilled with how this book has come together. Scott and Bob have not only done wonderful work but worked wonderfully together, and that’s usually when you get the best comics. We’re excited to reach out to new audiences. I think younger readers are going to adore this book.

Nancy Drew & The Hardy Boys: The Case of the Missing Adults is set for release in June 2019.

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