C2E2: Final Volume Of Brandon Sanderson’s GN Adaption Of The White Sand Saga Out This June From Dynamite

by Olly MacNamee

Dynamite will be releasing the next volume in Brandon Sanderson’s sci-fi/fantasy graphic novel saga, White Sand with Volume 3 this June. Along with Sanderson will be writer Rik Hoskin (Red Rising, Mercy Thompson) and artist Fritz Casas (Red Sonja, Miss Fury)who will be tasked with bringing down the curtain on the White Sands story in this upcoming graphic novel.

On the planet of Taldain, legendary Sand Masters harness magic-like abilities to manipulate sand in wondrous ways. Following hushed conspiracy and slaughter, one still stands – the hero Kenton! Through previous volumes Kenton has come across allies and foes, honed his abilities and unearthed hidden secrets among the action and political intrigue. In this climactic chapter, Kenton must mine his willpower and abilities to survive and finally discover the truth.

New York Times #1 bestselling author, Sanderson, has nothing but praise for Hoskin’s and Casas’s faithful adaption of his baby:

It has been a pleasure working with Dynamite and a highlight of my career to see one of my stories told so well in this medium. Rik’s great adaptation blended with Fritz’s artistic vision bring the White Sand trilogy to an epic conclusion.

Kind words, given how much the White Sands saga has featured in the lives of Hoskin:

White Sand has been a part of my life for about five years now, so I’m excited to reach the final volume in this phase of the story. It’s been a pleasure working with Brandon Sanderson and everyone else involved on these graphic novels. Brandon has a knack for creating memorable characters who inhabit fascinating worlds full of magic and unexpected dangers. Sanderson fans will especially enjoy a certain cameo that I know people have been waiting for. All the questions are answered here, but in typical Sanderson style, you’re left wanting to know what’s next for this amazing world.

Sounds like everyone had a great time on this property.

White Sand Volume 3 will be out in June from Dynamite.

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