First Look: ‘Astra, Lost in Space’ PV

by Sage Ashford

The first promotional video for “Astra, Lost in Space”, an anime about creator Kenta Shinohara’s (Sket Dance) most recent anime, has released. The series is set in the year 2063, after humanity has managed to make space travel more common.  A group of students from Caird High School are meant to go on a field trip to a Planetary Camp, but instead wind up shot several thousand light years away from their home. Together, they must try to figure out a way to survive and make their way back home.
Astra, Lost in Space is a series from Shonen Jump’s digital Jump+ imprint. The series is set to be animated by Lerche, which has handled series like Assassination Classroom and Scum’s Wish in the past.  The director is Masaomi Ando (Scum’s Wish, School Live), while the head writer is Norimitsu Kaihou (School Live, Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka).   “Astra, Lost in Space” will premiere this July.

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