C2E2 2019: Boya Sun On Designing Five Worlds

by Tito W. James

Tito W. James: Tell me how you got involved with Mark Siegel and Five Worlds?

Boya Sun: Mark approached two of my friends to be illustrators for the book and they needed one more person so they roped me in. We developed a pitch together and that’s how everything got started.

TWJ: Five Worlds looks unique even though there’s a lot of other fantasy books out there. What was your approach to designing the world itself?

BS: We draw a lot of inspiration from the great fantasy creators like Miyazaki and Moebius. We also pull from manga and contemporary fantasy cartoons. I think that because of all the inspirations we just stick close to what we like. We stay true to our personal voice with the design.

TWJ: I’ve noticed a lot of round shapes and soft edges in your work. Is there a particular reason?

BS: Round shapes have a lot of fluidity to them. I think that helps in action scenes as opposed to really straight and rigid lines. We like the round fluid energy. I think it also serves the storytelling, which is a bit softer. We don’t want it to be too hard or edgy.

TWJ: What inspired you to draw as a young person?

BS: I was definitely inspired by cartoons, anime, and graphic novels. I really like Pokemon. I think the characters in anime/manga are really well done. Stories about friendship and adventure are really appealing. And that’s something we try to do with Five Worlds.

TWJ: Do you have any advice to any aspiring artists for finding their own art style or voice?

BS: Stick with what makes you happy. When I draw things I think about things I really want in life. So when I draw characters or a world it helps me be invested in that world. I try to find joy in the things I create.

I’d like to thank Boya Sun for taking the time to do this interview. Five Worlds Volume 2 is available now.

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