Preview Rat Queens Swamp Romp One-Shot Debuting New Creative Team

by Olly MacNamee

Rat Queens Swamp Romp one-shot coming this April from Image Comics, debuts the new creative of Ryan Ferrier (Death Orb, Criminy) and Priscilla Petraites (Brilliant Trash) and ahead of this release Image Comics have released a preview of this as well as a preview of Rat Queens #16 which follows on from the stand alone special in June. Have a look at the preview pages for this book and then go look for our preview of Rat Queens #16 too. That’s twice the Rat Queens goodness for you to revel in ahead of both comics coming out.

Dragons. Monsters. Tricksters. The Rat Queens have seen—and slayed!—it all. But in Rat Queens Special: Swamp Romp a dying man of great wealth hires our heroes to exact revenge for the murder of his prized unicorn. Betty, Hannah, Braga, Violet, and Dee are suddenly thrust into a quest that may bring them face-to-face with a mythological creature thought only to exist in bedtime stories. This is Palisade’s urban legend, and it will end with either death or a mass fortune.

Rat Queens Swamp Romp will be available from Image on Wednesday April 10th.

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