5 Point Discussions – Fairy Tail (2018) 23: “Historia Of The Dead”

by Sage Ashford

With Mavis down and Jacob proving almost unstoppable, it all falls on Lucy to find a way to beat the mysterious assassin and his Transporter abilities. Meanwhile, Erza, Jellal and Kagura run into a familiar face. Remember, if you like this article and 5 Point Discussions, please share it on Facebook or Twitter! It really helps. And if you’ve got any comments or questions, please hit me up @SageShinigami.

1. Mavis is supposed to be the Fairy Tactician, but it’s Lucy who comes up with the best strategy this episode. Overwhelmed by Jacob, Natsu and Lucy find themselves in pretty deep trouble when Jacob suddenly gets tired of tolerating their resistance and remembers he’s got dozens of hostages trapped in a dimension he has absolute power over.  He tells them he’s just going to murder them all, when Lucy distracts him by pointing out that Brandish and Marin are both trapped inside as well. When Jacob brings them back, Lucy uses her Gemini key, having Gemini turn into Marin and using his powers to drag the entire guild back out of Jacob’s alternate world. It’s the perfect plan, and came at just the right time: Mavis spends the entire time just watching from the floor, and Natsu’s not exactly a strategist.
He is absurdly powerful though, and after being brought back Makarov immediately punches Jacob outside and Natsu with him so he can unleash his full power.  Apparently that nap left Natsu stronger than ever, as just powering up causes him to incinerate a nearby lake before knocking Jacob totally unconscious.  I didn’t think we’d get another comedy victory, but I guess Mashima is reluctant to let go of the series’ roots.

2. At some point or another, it would be nice if Mavis actually displays some of the intelligence she did during the Fairy Tail Zero arc though–lately, she’s just been sitting around helpless while everyone else comes up with the plans and does the real work. The best suggestion she’s made lately is asking Cana to go ahead and explode her imaginary self to try and crack the lacrima holding her body, a plan that no one is sure will even work.  Asking your subordinates to kill their commander?  Not the best look.

3. Me, several episodes ago: “There’s no way Fairy Tail finishes off all the Spriggan 12. That would basically make Sabertooth and all the other guilds worthless.”
This show:

….Alright then.  I was looking forward to at least Sabertooth, a guild that at one point was the biggest threat to Fairy Tail as far as overall power, putting in some work against at least one or two members of the Spriggan 12.  Instead, it turns out that slightly spoiler-y OP is instead super spoiler-y, and I won’t be able to watch it going forward without wondering what else is being teased in it.   At least Gajeel and the Strauss family is here to try and save the day?

4. The plundering from other shonen series continues, as we meet another member of the Spriggan 12. Neinhart, a pretty boy necromancer who can bring anyone his opponents have defeated back to life. He uses Simon (a character introduced way back near the beginning of this series) to distract Erza, Jellal, and Simon’s sister Kagura, but that’s just the start.  His “Historia of Corpses” magic allows him to bring back countless mages from everyone’s past, plunging us firmly into Fairy Tail’s version of Naruto’s Ninja Zombie arc.
There’s an opportunity to do a lot of nifty stuff here in terms of rematches, but I have to say this is the most dangerous technique to have in a series like this. If there’s one thing hot-blooded shonen characters are good at, it’s becoming invincible to any enemies they’ve already defeated in their past and beating people who are merely shadow versions of their original selves.  This guy might go down harder than even the comedy characters did.

5. Next Episode: Man, I certainly hope my theory is right. If not, Erza’s kinda boned. You forget she always handled some of the most powerful opponents when it came down to it for Fairy Tail. This could only be worse if Natsu was on the scene.  Still, it looks like a lot is going on in this fight, so I’m almost left wondering if Mashima won’t have Erza win in the first half of this before moving on to something “more important” again, like he has been several episodes in this arc.
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