The Once And Future King: Preview Rat Queens #16 From Image Comics

by Olly MacNamee

Following on the footsteps of the Rat Queens Special, Rat Queens Swamp Romp, is the regular series and issue #16, coming this June from Image Comics. It’s in this issue of the regular ongoing series that newbies, Ryan Ferrier (Death Orb, Criminy) and Priscilla Petraites (Brilliant Trash) team up with Marco Lesko, kick starting a new story arc entitled ‘The Once And Future King‘. The Rat Queens will soon face off with the new guy wearing the crown soon enough, but first they have to battle their way through some rather spider/human hybrids, the Golgarakk.

The Once and Future King: Part One‘. In the wake of great change, readers witness the Rat Queens as they struggle to reclaim their sisterhood — just as a mysterious force of great vengeance sets its sights on Palisade. For our incorrigible band of adventurers, it’s personal.

Rat Queens #16 is out June 19th from Image Comics.

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