Boom! Studios Outlines Details Of Returnability Program For Graphic Novels

by James Ferguson

Last month during the ComicsPRO Annual Meeting, Boom! Studios announced the Boom! Guarantee program for retailers. The publisher has revealed additional details of this rewards program, where a minimum of two (2) graphic novel releases each month will be fully returnable. This is an opportunity that was previously only available to the book store market. No minimums are required to return physical product.

Boom! Guarantee is completely free to join. The graphic novel portion is new, joining the free returnability of a minimum of six (6) select new release single issues each month. Retailers can now invest in these books without any risk.
Filip Sablik, President of Publishing & Marketing, BOOM! Studios says:

Boom! Studios has distinguished itself by putting comic shops first and earning a reputation as the best partner to our friends in the retail community. This new opportunity for any comic shop retailer in the Boom! Guarantee program represents our belief that the health of the direct market is paramount to the success of the comic book medium and that every publisher has a responsibility to continually reinvest in comic stores. We believe that our partners in the direct market shouldn’t be asked to take a risk on new ideas and new series. It’s time for a revolution in how we do business and that starts by offering them the same opportunities the industry has generally only afforded to bookstores and online retailers.

The graphic novel returnability through Boom! Guarantee will begin with Hotel Dare and Plate Tectonics, both shipping in June. To sign up to the program, retailers can visit the Boom! Guarantee page of the Boom! Studios site.

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