Re: Zero Season 2 Confirmed, With A First Look At Its PV

by Sage Ashford

Last weekend during AnimeJapan, it was confirmed that the popular series Re: Zero – Starting Life in Another World will be receiving a second season. The announcement came with both a trailer and teaser image, though they currently haven’t confirmed a release year.
The popular fantasy series is an isekai based on a novel by author Tappei Nagatsuka, following the adventures of Natsuki Subaru, a young man transported to another world after leaving a convenience store. With no knowledge about this world, he gets caught up in the story of a young half-elf woman named Satella. Unfortunately for him, the only secret ability he seems to possess is an ability to return back to life after being killed, and retain the knowledge of what happened before he was killed.

More recently, it was confirmed that White Fox would be bringing an OVA to theaters in Japan this fall, known as Re:Zero: Frozen Bonds. This OVA is based on a prequel novel, and will show a story from Emilia/Satella’s life from before she met Subaru.

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