WonderCon 2019: Three Marvel Rising Specials Coming Later This Year

by Gary Catig

Sunday morning at WonderCon was the world premiere of the latest chapter to Marvel Rising, Marvel Rising: Heart of Iron. The 44-minute special introduced Riri Williams (Sofia Wylie), better known as Iron Heart, to the animated show as she tries to free her best friend from the evil clutches of Hala the Accuser (Ming-Na Wen). Those who were not fortunate enough to be at the southern California based convention can watch the show on April 3, at 4 PM PT on Marvel HQ. Participate in the live chat with some of the stars during the premiere, here. Check out the trailer below:

In addition to the screening, the next three animated specials of Marvel Rising to debut later this year were announced.

There is Marvel Rising: Battle of the Bands, which is a 22-minute episode that follows Gwen (Dove Cameron) and her band competing at a “Battle of the Bands”. The same day, a mysterious attack on the city causes the Ghost-Spider and the rest of the Secret Warriors to investigate. Can Gwen save the day and also not let her bandmates down?

Marvel Rising: Operation Shuri brings the Wakandan fan favorite, voiced by Daisy Lightfoot, into the fold. The Secret Warriors must show Shuri how to be an ordinary teenager, which proves to be difficult when dealing with one of the most intelligent and famous people on Earth.

Finally, Marvel Rising: Playing With Fire will star Tyler Posey as Inferno. This 44-minute special finds Inferno’s powers stolen by a villain and the Secret Warriors must defeat their foe to aid their friend but does Inferno still want to be a hero? Also, America Chavez (Cierra Ramirez) learns a lesson about friendship from her teammate, Ms. Marvel (Kathreen Khavari). Check out the teaser for all three new specials below.

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