2000 AD: Playing The Border Wall Blues With Prog 2125

by Richard Bruton

We cover a lot of 2000 AD here at Comicon.com, and that’s because it’s a damn fine comic. But, it’s also a comic that loves to push things, just as all the best sci-fi has always done. And this week, they’re doing just that, with a very pointed dig at a certain border wall…

Yes, that’s Mark Harrison‘s fabulous cover to Prog 2125 of 2000 AD, out on 3 April.

It features some of those illegal aliens that a certain President keeps banging on about, sneaking their way through the border wall. Only this is from Grey Area, Dan Abnett and Mark Harrison‘s excellent political saga of the trials and tribulations of an Earth border force doing their very best to contain the alien immigration problem. A VERY alien immigration problem. Grey Area has always been a series that allows Abnett to explore issues of immigration and the often inflammatory rhetoric and politics surrounding it and it’s only fitting that the end of the current series goes out with a cover that encapsulates everything that is great about this series.

Matt Smith, editor of 2000 AD, had this to say:

2000 AD has always used parody and satire to lampoon and undercut contemporary politics, from the overt authoritarianism of ‘Judge Dredd’ to the prejudice faced by characters in ‘Strontium Dog’. Mark’s ‘Grey Area’ cover continues this tradition of not shirking from satirizing populist politics.

And Mark Harrison, the artist on Grey Area and the cover explained his art choices:

I wanted to depict an alien family escaping the Grey Area and have the father nervously regarding the ‘Welcoming signage’, the mother dubious about the first steps into a ‘Brave New World’ that would have obvious parallels to images we have seen on the news.

Looking closer at Harrison’s cover and you’ll see he’s added so much detail to the whole wall issue, not just the proposed design of the Trump wall, but the competing iconography you’ll find associated with various political groups on both sides of the argument.

I wanted to express in part ludicrous officialdom in a humorous way, so I looked at Area 51 and any signage referring to immigrants that seemed ‘official’ and found a sign created in the 1980s by a Caltran worker John Hood after deaths of illegal immigrants on the freeway, a sign designed to save lives has also been appropriated by some supporters of the Far Right who may not be aware of its original meaning. With that in mind I adapted it as a flyers for such human groups outside the Grey Area expressing their dissatisfaction, along with using the warning signs as target practice!

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