All Aboard The Ship Of The Dead: Preview Conan The Barbarian #5

by Olly MacNamee

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying this new Conan The Barbarian series by Jason Aaron, Mahmud Asrar and Matt Wilson, and so I’m loving forward to this week’s newest issue. Judging by the preview, Conan’s next adventure will be upon the high seas of Hyboria as he captain’s a whole ship all on his own through some choppy waters. Figuratively and literally.

Set sail on the Ship of the Dead! Conan leaves the land for the life of a pirate! How did he survive disaster during the most ominous voyage of his life on a ship surrounded by dead men? And the Crimson Witch’s dark plans for King Conan become grimly clear! Plus: The fifth chapter in the all-new Conan novella “Black Starlight,” begun in issue #1 of Conan The Barbarian!

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