GI Joe: Sierra Muerte #2 Is The Best Kind Of Homage

by Tony Thornley

After a chaotic and exciting opening issue, GI Joe: Sierra Muerte settles down a little bit with the second issue. However, that doesn’t mean this isn’t an exciting issue.

Destro gets threatening on the cover of GI Joe SIerra Muerte

Michael Fiffe is in the creator’s seat for this series, writing, completing the art and even lettering the story. Fiffe takes a lot of cues of classic GI Joe work by Larry Hama, but it’s definitely a wholly original story.

The Joes and Cobra separate to lick their wounds. However, not everything is calm for the Joes, as Flint and Lady Jaye have a special mission to complete. Meanwhile in Cobra HQ, Doctor Mindbender hatches a plot that could destroy GI Joe…

Fiffe weaves a story that is both homage and its own story. He layers the action over itself, with multiple motivations in play, and interesting characters who add a lot of depth to the shoot-em-up action. He also dials the number of characters on page quite a bit, which strengthens this issue a lot over the first.

His art is very minimalistic, which shows off his sense of design and flow. He uses characters movements to point the eye where the reader needs to be looking, while filling the issue with layouts that enhance the action as the scenes progress. He keeps his colors subdued as well, with flashes of color to enhance what’s happening on the page.

This second issue was well worth the six week wait, and I’ll be equally excited for the finale.

GI Joe: Sierra Muerte #2 is available now from IDW Publishing.

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