The Chase Continues In Sharkey The Bounty Hunter #2

by Brendan M. Allen

Sharkey and his sidekick are racing through space, hunting for Edra Deering—the terrorist fugitive with a huge bounty on her head. But they’re not the only hunters with Edra in their sights, and the competition will stop at nothing to throw Sharkey’s mission off course.

In Sharkey the Bounty Hunter #2, Sharkey and Extra-Billy are headed across the galaxy when suddenly the small one’s bowels demand attention. Apparently space-travelling ice cream trucks aren’t equipped with facilities. I’m not sure how that even works. But, here we are. The kid needs to pee. Or poop. Or whatever. Sharkey’s gotta go way out of the way to get them to an appropriate planet so the kid can evacuate. Mistake.
Marl Millar’s script in this second chapter is a little formulaic. There’s a bunch more of that moustachioed swagger we saw on Sharkey in the opener, but the kid cracks through the veneer and exposes the purple cowboy’s tender side. Repeatedly. Twice, maybe three times, we see almost that exact scenario play out. The kid screws up. Sharkey yells at the kid. Sharkey apologizes. The kid does an “Aw, shucks, mister, I still think you’re swell.” Then the kid screws up again. This is the team-building chapter.

The simultaneously foreign and familiar aesthetic carries over from the first chapter. Simone Bianchi gets to introduce a bunch more rough characters. Again, mostly humanoid, with a few exotics peppered in. Settings are rich and detailed, but there are a few places where he could have opened up the shot. Almost every panel is either inside a vessel, a hotel room, or a pretty tight shot on the characters. Even the shot where Extra-Billy is lost deep in thought, reflecting on the vastness of space is a close up of half the kid’s face.  
This is an interesting story thus far. Chapter two pumped the brakes quite a bit from the opener, but there was some character work that needed to happen, so I get it. This is only a six chapter mini, though, so this thing needs to pick up and go, and the cowboy cliffhanger at the end of chapter two promises that pop to open up chapter three.

Sharkey the Bounty Hunter #2, Image Comics, released 27 March 2019. Written by Mark Millar, art/color by Simone Bianchi, letters by Peter Doherty, variant cover by Skottie Young.

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