It’s ‘Halftime’ For This Is Us. How Does It Make You Feel?

by Christine Marie Attardo

This week brought the season three finale for This Is Us, and yeah we were left with a lot of questions. However, not everyone knows that this is “halftime” for the hit NBC show.

Creator Dan Fogelman tweeted:

We have three seasons left until the show reaches a conclusion, and it seems that what we were left with at the end of the season three might be happening sooner than anticipated.


The best part of the finale is pictured above. The worst part is pictured below.


I mean, how does that make you feel? By my approximation, the flash forwards put us 20 years from present day. Is this where the show will end? I don’t think so. How could they stretch flash forwards for three more seasons if we have already seen Rebecca laying in her death bed? Take a look…

It’s a lot to take in. Now we have six months to analyze what will happen next. Who is planning on re-watching the series from the very beginning? I know I am. How else would we spend our Summer? Stream all episodes of This Is Us on Hulu now.

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