Christopher Priest To Write Vampirella For Her 50th Anniversary Relaunch

by Olly MacNamee

I would agree that writer and creator Christopher Priest is having something of a quiet Renaissance at the meant with his faithful take on Deathstroke still a must read for me each and every month. Well, seems I’m not the only fan, as Dynamite’s Nick Barrucci is also a huge follower too.

I followed his career, and got to know him a bit when he launched Quantum and Woody at Acclaim/Valiant Comics.  One of the nicest people I’ve ever met.  We hadn’t stayed much in touch and saw each other when he started appearing at conventions when launching Deathstroke with DC.  It was as if the 20 years since we’d seen each other was barely a few months.  We spoke about working together, but I thought with his success that it was the longest of long shots.

Well, it would seem those initial, tentative conversations from a few years ago now have born fruit and it seems Barrucci gave Priest an offer he couldn’t refuse: a new Vampirella comic book helping to celebrate Vampi’s 50th Anniversary this very year, with issue #1 on sale the same day and date as the iconic first magazine from 1969, and also coinciding with the first day of San Diego Comic Con’s 50th convention. That’s some pretty good timing, but why wait till then? Not when you can pick up a very hush-hush FCBD offering, Vampirella #0 this May 4th and get this new chapter in Vampirella’s story up and running.

Following a Free Comic Book Day #0 issue shrouded in mystery, Vampirella is celebrating her big banner 50th Gold Anniversary in July 2019! And a new series is exactly what she and her fans need to celebrate this milestone! The one and only fan-favorite and critically acclaimed writer Christopher Priest (Black Panther, Deathstroke, Justice League) is bringing his trademark literary and inventive stylings to one of the most influential, beloved female characters in comic books.

Seems it’s a big year for creatures of the night and big birthdays, doesn’t it? Happy Birthday, Vampirella!

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