Drew Goddard Seeks Out New Pastures With D&Q’s Sabrina

by Erik Amaya

The outlook for X-Force may not be so good.

Deadline reports Drew Goddard will adapt Nick Drnaso’s graphic novel Sabrina for producers New Regency and RT Features. He may also turn around and direct the film himself, suggesting his obligations of 20th Century Fox’s proposed X-Force film may be at an end.

The graphic novel, published by Drawn & Quarterly, focuses on man who moves in with an old friend following the disappearance of his girlfriend, the titular Sabrina. When a video suggested she died a grisly death surfaces, the two find themselves at the center of conspiracy theories and the 24-hour news cycle. The situation makes them question their bond and even their own memories.

Up until now, Goddard was expected to direct a feature film version of Marvel’s X-Force with Deadpool 2‘s Josh Brolin, Zazie Beetz and Ryan Reynolds reprising their roles. Production was hoped to begin before Disney’s purchase of the Fox assets were finalized, but this never came to pass. Many assume all X-Men projects on Fox docket have been cancelled, leaving the fate of X-Force murky at best.

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