Monkey Business: Preview Wonder Twins #3 From Russell, Byrne And Sharpe

by Olly MacNamee

The new Wonder Comics line from DC Comics has been nothing shirt of glorious. Gloriously funny, gloriously irreverent and far too good for young readers only. Case in point: Wonder Twins by Mark Russell, Stephen Byrne and David Sharpe.
This week we have the third issue with a tasty looking cover by Dan Mora, who provides the cherry on top of this particular Sundae. Here’s your preview of this week’s issue. Don’t forget to pick it up when you can. It really is a great fun read and its titles like this that remind me what comics were invented for!

Exiled from their homeworld and still trying to adjust to life on Earth as normal teenage high school students and interns for the Justice League, Zan and Jayna find themselves attacked in their own home by the League of Annoyance. Now separated and unable to use their amazing powers of transformation, the twins find themselves forced to rely on Zan’s new pet monkey Gleek for help—but does the plucky purple primate even like his new owner enough to give a monkey’s butt about these young heroes?

Wonder Twins #3 is out this Wednesday, the 10th of April from DC Comics.

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