5 Point Discussions – Black Clover 77: “Bad Blood”

by Sage Ashford

We’ve reached the last match of the first round of the Royal Magic Knight exams! Noelle and Yuno will have to team up against Noelle’s brother Solid and one of the most powerful members of the Golden Dawn. Can they make it to round 2? Remember, if you like this article and 5 Point Discussions, please share it on Facebook or Twitter! It really helps. And if you’ve got any comments or questions, please hit me up @SageShinigami.

1. It’s not really shocking Klaus and Luck were able to come through against a team without any recognizable members of the cast. What’s more surprising though is how well their teammate performed in helping them out. The perfect balance of support, she was able to protect the team’s crystal and help their berserker get in close for the damage and the win. Tabata’s fleshed out the Blue Rose guild the least, with only Charlotte and her cliched partner Sol ever actually making an appearance. Still, Puli does excellently showing off what the others can do.

…It’s really too bad they’re going to get washed by Rill in the next round. We get a showdown between Rill and Luck when the fight ends, but they haven’t even let Asta and Yuno beat a Captain yet. There’s no way Luck’s going to be the first one to get that done.

2. When your best friend and your girl don’t get along. This is easily my favorite arc, specifically for moments like this–Tabata’s been introducing all these characters over multiple arcs, but they mostly don’t interact with one another. Watching this meeting between Yuno and Noelle is so satisfying, because they’re both the same person, despite having such vastly different origins: they’re both incredibly powerful warriors who can’t be honest with their feelings. But Yuno’s much better at being a “cool guy” than Noelle is at being an aloof royal woman, so he’s able to get under her skin consistently. This is a ton of tension to deal with though, since this group goes up against Noelle’s brother Solid.

3. The battle eventually splits up into multiple one on ones, and Yuno faces off against a fellow member of the Golden Dawn. It’s here we’re shown the kind of waves Yuno has been making since his arrival–between his standoffish nature and his incredible power for a commoner, he’s made very few friends outside of Mimosa and Klaus in his own organization. He gets confronted by a guy who idolizes William Vangeance, a man Yuno has sworn to surpass on his way to leading Golden Dawn and being the Wizard King. There’s a neat backstory here which confirms William as a guy who really cares about his fellow guildmates, but it all builds to nothing, because Yuno’s overwhelming power crushes his opponent’s most powerful spell without even relying on the abilities of Bell, his familiar. This match up simply serves as a reminder of how relentless Yuno is in working to achieve his dream, as he effortlessly pushes forward even through fellow guildmates, barely even acknowledging anyone was in his path in the first place.

4. The bulk of this week’s episode focuses on Noelle, and the growth she continues to make in pretty much any arc she’s featured in. Once again through flashbacks we’re told just how annoying and terrible Noelle’s family was to her–Solid particularly, as he seemed to go out of his way to make her life miserable. Since then however, we’ve seen her accept that the royal way of life isn’t perfect, accept her weaknesses and resolve to overcome them, and grow in terms of both magic control and magic power again and again.

The great thing about this week’s episode is how it positions Noelle as every bit the main character as Asta is in yet another episode. Her guildmates get to cheer her on, while even Yuno respects and believes in her ability enough (because she can survive working with Asta) to step aside and let her have the most important role of being the primary attacker. This results in a showdown against her brother Solid, a person who saw her last when her spells all missed because she didn’t want to cause people harm. Battle-hardened and finally having the will to stand up to her family, it’s immensely satisfying seeing her summon a giant water dragon to not only tear through Solid’s snakes (ha) but obliterate his crystal to win her team the match.

5. Next Episode: The second round of the tournament has been cleared. What comes next?

Black Clover is available on Funimation and Crunchyroll.

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