Love, Death, And Robots: ‘Suits’ Analysis

by Tito W. James

This episode of Love, Death, and Robots pits a group of simple farmers against a swarm of alien parasites. This looks like a job for giant mech-suits!

Everything in the animated film looks like a Fisher-Price toy in the best possible way. The coloration and texture of the world add a layer of friendly familiarity to contrast with the high stakes monster battle.

I like that there’s 2D animation used for the blood and atmospheric effects. This technique has been used in several League of Legends trailers and it’s great to see it utilized in a short film.

Suits was the first short in the anthology that made me really feel for the characters. Each mech-suit operating farmer has a distinct design and personality and you can’t help but root for them.

Love, Death, and Robots is currently streaming on Netflix.

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