Portsmouth Comic Con 2019: Weekend Panels Released With Roy Thomas, Liam Sharp, Kieron Gillen & More

by Olly MacNamee

Portsmouth Comic Con is only a scant few week away and so it seems like no better time to release the panel schedule for the weekend. I’m privileged enough to be hosting two panels (shameless plug, I know), with the lunchtime slot on the Sunday potentially curbing my drinking the night before. Or will it? Find out is you plan on coming along.

Just like last year, the guests and the panels are a great selection of the good and the great with Roy Thomas, Liam Sharp and Kieron Gillen some of the many who will be attending and giving up their time to chat with the fans. Plus, for the first time, there will be the Outer Space Tripwire Awards Saturday evening. Damn. I think that will probably involve booze. Ah well, see you all there, sober or otherwise.

Roy Thomas


11am Drawing Star Wars with Tommy Lee Edwards and Russell Walks host Leonard Sultana
12noon Spotlight On Roy Thomas host Andrew Colman
1pm Spotlight On Steve Englehart host Joel Meadows
2pm Liam Sharp Talks Green Lantern host Olly MacNamee 
3pm Spotlight On Kieron Gillen host Joel Meadows
4pm William Simpson Talks Game of Thrones host Andrew Colman

11am to 12noon Outside Space Saturday Celebrating Stan Lee with Roy Thomas and Steve Englehart host Andrew Colman

7pm Outside Space Tripwire Awards 2019 hosted by Jasper Bark with Joel Meadows and Andrew Colman plus guest hosts

Liam Sharp


11am 20 years of IDW with Scott Dunbier host Joel Meadows
12noon Masters Of Comics panel with Joel Meadows, Laurence Campbell, William Simpson and Sean Phillips host Olly MacNamee
1pm Spotlight on Jamie Delano host Joel Meadows
2pm Spotlight On Tomm Coker host Leonard Sultana
3pm Spotlight On Tommy Lee Edwards host Joel Meadows
4pm Spotlight On Liam Sharp host Joel Meadows

11am to 12noon University Panel Room Sunday Vault Comics with Ram V, Alex Paknadel and Martin Simmonds host Tara Ferguson

11am-12noon Sunday outside space Image Comics with Declan Shalvey, Tomm Coker and Sean Phillips

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