Yin: Embrace The Paradox With This Mind-Bending Animated Short

by Tito W. James

The Yin Yang is a concept that originated in China but has become a universally accepted symbol for balance. But it means a lot more than that. The Yin Yang implies that all contradictory opposite elements are part of one inseparable whole. There are aspects to male that are female and parts of good found in evil. This paradoxical wholistic thinking can be hard to grasp to Western audiences who are used to compartmentalizing everything into binary categories like day and night.

In the short film Yin by Nicolas Fong, a jealous god creates a universe and an androgynous creature that he separates into two complementary beings. The animation is a stunning emotional journey as two separate entities try to regain the truth that they are one while beset by obstacles and illusions that would perplex M.C. Escher. Yin makes the most of what 2D animation can do and reminds us that life is full of paradoxes. We may not understand them but we can embrace them.

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