Brooklyn Nine-Nine 6.12 Recap: Jake & Amy’s Marriage Hits A Rough Patch When Discussing Kids

by Gary Catig

Jake is at the hospital when he calls his wife to join him. He’s monitoring a perp, Bruno Rojas, who’s in a coma hoping that when the criminal wakes up, he’ll flip on the Colombian Cartel. The married couple have been both busy with work and haven’t hung out for a month so Peralta thinks his babysitting job would be a perfect opportunity to spend quality time with Amy. He’s been building a reputation as a goofball over the years and wouldn’t think it too out of character to require some supervision. When Amy calls Captain Holt he quickly agrees to the oversight. Looks like Jake and Amy will have a “casecation” together.

[*Spoilers For 6.12 Ahead!]

Jake turns Rojas’ room into a romantic getaway to Paris straight with a miniature Eifel Tower and Charles in a tux serving fancy cheese. Too bad their charge’s presence takes a little away from the ambiance. They begin to reminisce the top five highlights of their first year in marriage. The two are soon interrupted by the neighbor next door, Pam, who could overhear their conversation and needed to see the couple. She asks if they have any kids and Amy responds not yet but hopefully in the near future. This sparks a heated discussion when Jake admits he’s not sure if he wants to have any.

This comes as a shock to Amy because they already talked about it before they were married but Jake mistook it as her wanting to go a waterpark. They decide to have a structured debate to settle the issue. Santiago is well prepared with her argument and has tallied multiple points from the moderator, Holt. Seeing that he’s facing an insurmountable lead, Peralta discloses that he fears he’ll be a crappy dad like his own.

Amy is serious about this issue and it could possibly be a deal breaker for their young marriage. Terry and Rosa arriving tables the “kids” conversation. They are to provide backup because whoever tried to kill Rojas is planning to finish the job. The casecation comes to a halt when Amy decides to secure the waiting room with Diaz leaving Jake behind with the Sergeant. While separated, Rosa expresses her support to Amy while Terry cautions Peralta about the amount of work it takes to be a father.

Someone makes a move on Rojas but Amy and Diaz quickly subdue him. Jake and Terry leave to provide backup but Peralta returns to the room thinking it might be a distraction. Once inside he finds Pam ready to detonate a bomb. She was paid to kill Rojas and she plans to give that money to her son and grandchild. Luckily, Jake is able to talk her down and diffuse the situation. The near-death situation helped change his mind on having children. He was afraid of Pam and the bomb but he summoned great courage to deal with it head on and found positive results. Hopefully he can do the same when faced with fatherhood.

The audience has come to know the Nine-Nine for over five years so it can be a little frustrating when the writers change a character’s personality to fit their narrative. Earlier this season, I never believed that Holt, the de facto father figure, would disregard the well being of his entire precinct in order to prove a point to the commissioner. In this episode, I can’t buy that Amy, someone who meticulously plans her whole life and needs to control every aspect, would marry someone without bringing up children if It’s so important to her. In some cases, it can be a deal breaker and I doubt she wouldn’t have a serious discussion on the topic before marriage.

That being said, Samberg effectively conveyed the doubt and fear anyone would have when it comes to parenthood. In addition, he and Fumero instilled emotion into the story, particularly the heartbreak when the relationship could end. This was a very serious and important character development for the couple, Jake in particular, because there were no subplots and the audience could solely focus on them. With this episode and the previous one on mental health, Jake is experiencing a lot of growth and changing his view on subjects. As always, the lines were funny and the bit with Holt and all the other debate moderators was gold.

My favorite lines:

Jake: He was until he got shot in the chest yesterday by his top lieutenant. Apparently, the bullet went straight through his nipple.

Amy: Oooh, nature’s bullseye.

Pam: I just have the one, My Bobby. He was such a cute little kid until he discovered his wiener.

Diaz: I don’t know if I’ll ever want kids but you should have them. They’re so cute. It’s f*cked up.

Amy: Oh, it is f*cked up.

Diaz: Anyways, do you want me to talk to Jake? I’m a pretty good bully.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs Thursdays at 9:00 pm on NBC.

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