Chip Versus The Board Of Trustees In By Night #10

by Josh Davison

[*Mild Spoilers Ahead!]

The crew reassembles to go into the Otherworld. However, the group gets winnowed down to three: Heather, Jane, and Gardt. Heather’s uncle needs to get back to his job, Chip needs to stop Joan Li from going after the Eidolon, and Jane forces Barney to stay and protect the Eidolon. Heather, Jane, and Gardt venture into the Otherworld, and Chip meets up with Joan Li and the Charlesco Board of Trustees. It’s not what he expects it to be, but at least it’s not the Harrowing Trail–which Heather, Jane, and Gardt must take to reach Eucchurus and Chet Charles.

By Night #10 cover by Christine Larsen
By Night #10 cover by Christine Larsen

By Night #10 begins the book’s approach towards its inevitable climax and conclusion as the ownership of Charlesco and Charleswood hangs in the balance.

The story of the issue mainly focuses upon the Harrowing Trail and Chip’s meeting with the board of trustees. Both are treacherous in their own way. The Harrowing Trail has its supernatural dangers, and the board of trustees is full of grifters, liars, and Joan Li.

That said, the Harrowing Trail has its endearing surprises. I won’t spoil the specifics of course, but it’s more of a slightly intimidating trail that gives out silken coats.

In any case, the story is interesting, the humor is there, and the occasional satire is spot-on.

By Night #10 art by Christine Larsen, Sarah Stern, Goncalo Lopes, and letterer Jim Campbell
By Night #10 art by Christine Larsen, Sarah Stern, Goncalo Lopes, and letterer Jim Campbell

Christine Larsen’s artwork continues to be the right mixture of supernatural and endearing. The Otherworld is a strange and alien place, but it’s often quite cute too. The characters have their own sense of style that defines them, and that’s aided by Sarah Stern and Goncalo Lopes’ excellent color work which adds even more life to the visuals.

By Night #10 is another highly entertaining often cute comic from John Allison and Christine Larsen. We are reaching a convergence point for all of the plots and conflicts, and I look forward to seeing how it all ends. In any case, this one gets a recommendation. Check it out.

By Night #10 comes to us from writer John Allison, artist and cover artist Christine Larsen, color artists Sarah Stern and Goncalo Lopes, letterer Jim Campbell, and variant cover artist Sarah Stern.

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