Marvelous X-Men #3 Finds Conflict In Its Characters

by Tony Thornley

Now entering its midpoint, Age of X-Man is reaching an interesting point in its trajectory. The question is what needs to happen from here.

Cover by Phil Noto

Zac Thompson, Lonnie Nadler, Marco Failla, Matt Milla, and Joe Caramagna continue their epic in this issue, which could be a turning point in the larger story.

After the X-Men execute a successful relief mission, they return home to find En Sabbah Nur and his teachings all across the media world. This leads to a disagreement among the X-Men, but more importantly, a confrontation between Storm and Magneto. It’s a confrontation that may change things for Nate Grey and his utopia forever….

Thompson and Nadler’s story has been so much about how the characters are reacting to what’s happening, this time with the focus on Magneto and Storm. These are two characters whose relationship hasn’t gotten much focus for years, if at all, and they zero in on it perfectly. They are equals more than almost any other pair of X-Men characters, and it’s perfectly done.

However, there is a downside to it, as each issue has now followed the same plot with different characters- the X-Men save the day, someone unravels X-Man’s secret, Nate steps in. While it’s written extremely well, we’re now three issues into an event and really not much as happened. I hope to see the plot begin moving soon, or I fear the ending of the event will end up rushed.

Failla and Milla continue to knock their work out of the park. The issue is focused on three absolute titans in Magneto, Storm and X-Man, and the art shows how majestic they are. Each character is a dominating presence on the page, though never distracting or at the expense of their co-stars. Failla grasps their personalities and builds his pages and layouts around them while Milla’s colors draw the eye to each.

I’m still loving this series, but I’m starting to worry that the team might not stick the landing. Knowing this creative team though, they’re going to leave me pleasantly surprised.

Marvelous X-Men #3 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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