Raven’s Triumph In Titans #36

by Josh Davison

[*Mild Spoilers Ahead!]
Raven’s disparate selves have been reunited, and she’s at full power once again. She is ready to help her friend against Mother Blood and the Blood Cult. She reflects upon Nightwing’s recruitment pitch while the Titans make a final charge against Mother Blood in the present. Blood has already used Green Lantern Kyle Rayner and Steel’s powers to open a rift into the Bleed, the space between universes. Time is running out for the Titans, Unearth, and the Multiverse.

Titans #36 cover by Bruno Redondo and Alejandro Sanchez
Titans #36 cover by Bruno Redondo and Alejandro Sanchez

Titans #36 is the final issue of this series’ run. Once one of the flagship titles of DC Rebirth, Titans unfortunately went through some rocky changes on its journey to this endpoint.
Titans #36 brings this book to a rather lukewarm conclusion. The themes of friendships and found families, while not gone from the book entirely, began to run a little hollow in this team that felt less and less like a team after the post-No Justice shift.
It did feel like the heart was gouged out of the title, and the creative team was left to try and craft a new one. I don’t know the behind-the-scenes details, but it did feel like no one on Titans wanted this paradigm shift for the book.
All of this said, Titans #36 is far from an awful read. Raven is an awesome yet underserved character, and she gets to shine brightly in this issue. We get to see the old Nightwing back, if only for a couple of flashback scenes. Mother Blood is (spoilers I guess) thwarted, and the Multiverse is saved. Even Beast Boy gets a happy ending.
Titans #36 art by Bruno Redondo, Marcelo Maiolo, and letterer Dave Sharpe
Titans #36 art by Bruno Redondo, Marcelo Maiolo, and letterer Dave Sharpe

Bruno Redondo gives the book a great visual treatment. The Bleed in particular is given a simple yet dazzling design made all the cooler by the battle between Raven, Beast Boy, and Mother Blood inside of it. Marcelo Maiolo’s color art is great too, and it keeps this book bright and exciting.
Titans #36 is a decent comic, even if it is the sadly understated ending to what was once one of DC’s best books. I am compelled to give it a recommendation, if only in honor of what the book was at the beginning.
Titans #36 comes to us from the (still immensely talented) writer Dan Abnett, artist Bruno Redondo, color artist Marcelo Maiolo, letterer Dave Sharpe, cover artist Redondo with Alejandro Sanchez, and variant cover artist Francis Manapul.

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