Y: The Last Man Showrunners Aida Croal And Michael Green Exit FX Series

by Erik Amaya


The saga of Y: The Last Man‘s journey to television continues.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, showrunners Aida Croal and Michael Green have left the series over “creative difference.” The pair released a statement to Twitter, writing “FX has decided not to move forward with our series in its current form.” The network later clarified Y will continue with the same cast — which includes Diane Lane, Imogen Poots and Barry Keoghan — but with a new creative direction.
A Y feature film had long been in the works, as has a television series. Its prospects looked up with FX president John Landgraff announced a series order back in February. At the time, he seemed quite pleased by the pilot, but it seems the old “creative difference” ended the alliance between the network and the showrunners.
Set in a world in which nearly all the mammals with the Y chromosome suddenly die, remaining males Yorick Brown (Keoghan) and his pet monkey Ampersand travel with a former government agent and a geneticist across the partially collapsed United States — and then the world — to find out why they survived and if they can salvage the human race before almost certain extinction. Lane plays Senator Brown, Yorick’s mother, in a cast which includes Poots, Lashana Lynch, Juliana Canfield, Marin Ireland, and Amber Tamblyn.
Where it seemed at one time the series might be on the air within the year, it is unclear when — or if — Y will make it to screens anytime soon.

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