Fox Pulls The Plug On The Gifted

by Erik Amaya


Now we’ll never know if Blink (Jamie Chung) survived or if another version of her blinked in from another dimension.
Variety reports Fox has cancelled The Gifted, the X-Men related series from Burn Notice‘s Matt Nix. According to the site, viewership fell by half in its second season to 1.95 million and averaged a 0.59 rating. Indeed, the series took a turn from its interesting initial premise to something much more like an X-Men comic, with the remaining Mutant Underground team led by John Proudstar (Blair Redford) facing off against the Inner Circle, an offshoot of X-adversaries the Hellfire Club. Additionally, Fox positioned the program against the CW’s The Flash, which was, in some ways, signing a death warrant for the sophomore series.
Nonetheless, it continued to do interesting things with its cast, which included Chung, Redford, Stephen Moyer, Emma Dumont, Amy Acker, and others. But it seems in the wake of Disney purchase of the 20th Century Fox assets, any X-Men related television project was on the chopping block. Indeed, the upcoming third season of Legion was designed with an ending in mind.
And for those of us who watched the show, it’s tantalizing cliffhanger will always represent a ‘what if’ for the show, which could’ve have pulled off a marvelous reinvention in its third season.

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