It’s A Happy Apocalypse In The Flash #68

by Tony Thornley

All of Central City is happy, so is why that a bad thing? The Flash #68 explores a city under siege in a majorly weird way.

Cover by Dan Mora

Joshua Williamson, Scott Kolins, Luis Guerrero, and Steve Wands explore one of the more unsettling crises we’ve seen in a comic book in a long time.

Barry is in the clutches of the Trickster, as he reveals his sinister plan- using the Sage Force to brainwash the entire population of Central City. Thankfully, he’s able to avoid falling under his spell as well. Is he going to be enough to stop Trickster before he destroys Central City?

The Trickster has been a onenote villain in the past, alternating between a less crazy Joker and a two-bit Toyman. Williamson has given him more depth in three issues than I think he’s ever received, and has made him incredibly threatening here. He’s still crazy, but there’s now a layer of menace to the character that really wasn’t present before. If this is arc is successful only in rehabilitating him, it’s still a rousing success.

I’m still loving that Kolins is the artist for this arc. His cartoony and expressive style had been great for the Flash, but it actually sells the menace of Trickster’s actions better than an artist with a more realistic style. He’s extremely skilled in depicting action too, especially putting Barry against such an unconventional villain as Trickster. With Guerrero’s bright and carnival-like colors, it’s a visually engaging and exciting issue.

I’m not quite sure how the Flash is going to get out of this situation, and I’m excited to see what happens next!

The Flash #68 is available now from DC Comics.

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