Jean Slides To The Dark Side In Final Dark Phoenix Trailer

by Erik Amaya


20th Century Fox has released one last trailer for the upcoming Dark Phoenix. The seemingly final X-Men film in the series initiated by the studio almost 20 years ago sees Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) consumed in an alien death cloud when the X-Men go to rescue a shuttle crew. But instead of dying, Jean unleashes new and awesome powers. It leads the X-Men to doubt her and Magneto (Michael Fassbender) to plot her death. Meanwhile, a mysterious white haired woman (Jessica Chastain) appears to guide Jean through her transformation. Will she be a friend or a foe? Also, will Jean bring about the death of this cinematic universe?

In some ways, it’s weird to see the third X-Men picture remade while the film series’ future is likely at an end. X3 was also intended as an ending, with the Fox studio chief at the time trying his best to steer clear of franchise film series. This time, though, it seems it will stick with the X-Men making their way home to Marvel. Well, eventually, anyway.

Dark Phoenix opens on June 7th.

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