Fred Chao Gets Personal In ‘This Love So Brief’ One-Shot From Action Lab

by James Ferguson

Action Lab Entertainment has announced something out of the norm for them in the form of a one-shot. This Love So Brief is an anthology from creator Fred Chao coming in June. The stories started as his personal experiences with love and then grew to include themes of the responsibilities that come with age, inevitable life changes, nostalgia, and home.

Creator Fred Chao says:

This comic is a collection of short, fun love stories, and seeing where reflecting on those stories can lead. Everyone has relationship woes. And exploring those relationships can help one understand the responsibilities that come with age, inevitable life changes, and the idea of home.

I was just speaking to someone about how there weren’t many romance comics anymore and then this announcement comes in out of the blue. From the sound of it, This Love So Brief is a pretty sweet book, showing us something that we don’t get to see too much of in comics today.

Chao adds:

I casually drew tiny stories from my love life over the years, more to create something fun than anything else. Inadvertently, they joined together, creating something more personal that had little to do with my love life at all.

This Love So Brief is set for release on June 5th, 2019.

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