Wolverine: Infinity Watch #3 Is Just Old-Fashioned Superhero Fun

by Tony Thornley

Sometimes superheroes stabbing alien cyborgs is all you need in a comic. But Wolverine: Infinity Watch #3 is definitely more than that.

Cover by Giuseppi Cammuncoli, Roberto Poggi, Dean White

Gerry Duggan, Andy MacDonald, Jordie Bellaire, and Cory Petit take Logan and Loki to space, and add an unlikely travelling companion.

The Fraternity of Raptors have abducted Hector, the Time Stone-holder, and Logan and Loki have to race to save him before the Raptors dissect him. Picking up a ghost basset hound on the way, the duo rocket towards the Raptors’ ship. However, can their partnership survive long enough to save the universe?

Duggan’s story is both funny and exciting. He fills the pages full of great gags rooted in the odd-couple pairing at the story’s center. However, the story is also a very fun superhero action story, which exploits the title character’s strengths. This is not a story that anyone but Wolverine could have starred in, as Logan’s sense of duty and his ferocity both play key parts in the plot.

For every joke Duggan tells, MacDonald puts it on the page in wonderful detail, complemented by Bellaire’s always fantastic colors. He especially exploit the comic book format to pull some of those gags, such as showing Wolverine ejecting a group of villains out an airlock, and then in a brilliant page turn, showing the villains return in an almost identical panel from a previous page with one of them declaring “we can survive in space.” Beyond that, his action scenes are engaging and clear, while still displaying the chaos of the situation.

I would love to see more wild adventures with Wolverine and Loki after this story concludes. Until then, I’m going to enjoy this ride.

Wolverine: Infinity Watch #3 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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