A Pint-Sized Journey To Save The Arcade In Rugrats: The Last Token OGN

by James Ferguson

Boom! Studios has announced a new epic adventure with some small heroes as the Rugrats are getting their first original graphic novel. Rugrats: The Last Token, written by Pranas T. Naujokaitis and illustrated by Maurizia Rubino, takes the babies on a journey to save the arcade from certain doom with the treasured last token. Along the way, they’ll battle monsters, hordes, and the influence of greed.

Rugrats: The Last Token begins as Stu and Drew take the babies to the local arcade to enjoy a relaxing day of pizza and games. They soon learn that one does not simply walk into the Wizard Rat Pizza Parlor Fun Time. When there’s only one remaining token, the arcade breaks into a frenzy and everyone is shrouded in darkness. Each child searches for the precious golden coin for their own game, without a thought of the needs of the others. Tommy, son of Stu, and his noble fellowship of Rugrats must guard the one token, taking it across the treacherous game room floor to the fabled volcano arcade machine. It’s said this device yields a stream of tokens if you in. Will they be able to save the day?
Writer Pranas T. Naujokaitis says:

One thing I always loved about Rugrats is how spot on they get it when showing how kids pretend when playing. I wanted to do a story that honored those playtimes but through the eyes of Tommy and the gang. I am honored to get to put my own small personal stamp and work with characters that I loved when I was young enough (and small enough) to still be allowed inside those plastic tubes of my youth.

Rugrats: The Last Token features a cover by Chystin Garland. The comic will be published under Boom! Studios’ KaBoom! imprint, alongside other books geared towards middle grade and younger readers.
Artist Maurizia Rubino adds:

I’m very excited to work on Rugrats: The Last Token. The story is super fun and full of references to classic fantasy stories, so it’s been a really interesting book to illustrate. I’m very happy to be the artist who has accompanied the babies on this amazing adventure!

I’ve always loved how Rugrats can make the most mundane elements of a baby’s life seem like epic adventures. This graphic novel is right in that vein with the addition of homages to Lord of the Rings.
Matthew Levine, Editor, Boom! Studios says:

This uproarious Rugrats adventure is a tip of the hat to one of my favorite genres, fantasy. Pranas and Maurizia have crafted a tale that weaves humor and action as the babies dream up some big fantasy and challenge themselves in a quest to rid the arcade of unhealthy competition. This is an epic Rugrats story unlike any we’ve done before!

Rugrats: The Last Token is set for release in November 2019.

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