Brooklyn Nine Nine 6.13 Recap: Holt & Jake Solve A College Coin Caper

by Gary Catig

Jake arrives at the precinct’s morning meeting significantly late. Not only did he miss roll call but also the tutorial on how to use the copy machine. Holt has lectured him many times in the past about being punctual but it fell on deaf ears. He decides on a new way to punish his tardy detective. The Captain develops an intricate and personal high five with everyone in the office but Peralta and he exhibits each one in front of his subordinate. The one that hurts Jake the most is the special high five with the copy guy.

[*Spoilers For 6.13 Ahead!]

Kevin makes a rare appearance at the Nine-Nine to see his husband but it’s all a ruse as he secretly meets up with Jake. He has a case for the young detective and doesn’t want to bring Holt into the investigation because he has a tendency to be emotional in anything Kevin is involved in (see the Safe House episode). Three priceless antique coins were stolen from his classics department and he wants Peralta to help find the missing items.

When they meet up back at Columbia, they are surprised to see the captain and reluctantly agree to bring him in. Another reason Kevin didn’t want his husband on the case is he always causes a kerfuffle whenever he interacts with the other professors, especially Dean Allister. While searching for clues, Holt confides in Jake that he feels insecure when with all the academics and thinks they only see him as Kevin’s working-class bimbo. Because of this, he fears Kevin will realize he’s beneath him and no longer want to be married.

The dean says the case is solved when the janitor finds one of the coins in another professor’s desk. Holt is convinced it was a frame job and that Dean Alister is the culprit. When he confronts him, the dean easily pokes holes in the evidence and it seems another kerfuffle has been made. The two policemen leave dejected to lick over their wounds. Jake relates to his captain’s feelings of inadequacy because Amy’s parents badmouth him in Spanish all the time. Luckily, he secretly learned Spanish and now know all the things they say about him.

This leads them to someone who is regularly underestimated, the janitor, and find he is the thief. Not only does Holt solve the case, but Kevin grows weary of the dean’s condescending attitude towards his husband and sticks up for him. Holt is so turned on that they share a rare PDA in the form of a firm handshake.

Meanwhile back at the precinct, the office fridge breaks and everyone’s lunch becomes spoiled. Morale is already low because of all Commissioner Kelly’s sabotage so Amy decides to treat the Nine-Nine to a pizza lunch to raise spirits. Terry tries to alleviate some of the costs and takes half of the officers to lunch but one ups Amy by taking them to sushi. This leads to a competition of which sergeant has the best lunch ideas. However, the contest devolves and has the opposite effect on the rank and file workers. Ashamed of how they acted, Santiago and Jeffords spring for two-ply toilet paper and a new lunch zone equipped with charging stations and noise cancelling headphones. Now people can eat the way they want; in silence and on their phone.

It was fun to see Brooklyn Nine-Nine back to school, but unlike the raunchy 80’s college comedies Jake used to watch, there were less shenanigans. This episode, we see one of the rare moments of vulnerability in Holt. No matter how together the captain is, he feels inadequate when in the world of arrogant Ivy league types. Also, what person never had doubts about being good enough for their significant other and fear they might leave. In addition, Jake and Holt and a good bonding moment as they discussed the condescending treatment they’ve received from their spouses’ circles.

The subplot was a fun way to involve the rest of the cast into the episode and it was interesting to see what food fads they would incorporate including crepes, cupcakes and a teppanyaki grill. Speaking of rare moments, Scully and Hitchcock found themselves in a position of power as they were the competition judges.

My Favorite Lines:

Holt: Six years and no matter how hard I try, I can’t get you to understand the importance of being punctual.

Jake: Maybe you should just give up and accept me for who I am?

Kevin: <shaking hands> PDA in the office? My, my.

Holt: I couldn’t help myself.

Jake: Can I play with your laser pointer?

Kevin: You know the laser pointer is a bit of a misnomer. It is simply a laser. The pointer is you.

Hitchcock: I thought we couldn’t say snazz. <Checks paper> Oh no, I was thinking [bleep]. You can’t say [bleep].

Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs Thursdays at 9:00 pm on NBC.

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