Dreamer Picks Up The Superhero Slack In A Preview Of Next Week’s Supergirl

by Erik Amaya


With Kara (Melissa Benoist) deciding her civilian persona will be more successful in saving the day than Supergirl for the time being, Nia Nal (Nicole Maines) decides to pick up the costumed hero slack. And as this preview of next week’s show indicates, Nia’s patrols as Dreamer will be successful, even as her style of being friendly around the neighbor feels curiously familiar.

Meanwhile, this week’s episode once again reveals a Supergirl which has reclaimed the confidence of its earliest days and the better parts of the second and third seasons. For one thing, James (Mehcad Brooks) final has a half-way interesting story! Also, even without appearing in the episode, Lex Luthor (Jon Cryer) is a wonderful opponent as he can get into Kara and Lena’s (Katie McGrath) heads. He also gives the wave an anti-alien hate more of a focus. It makes moves by Ben Lockwood (Sam Witwer) and the president (Bruce Boxleitner) part of a unified narrative thrust even as they are not necessarily taking order from Lex directly. If fact, it is a stronger story if Lex is predicting their actions and accounting for it in his scheme to rid the planet of aliens.

Additionally, the complexity of Colonel Haley (April Parker Jones) continues to be one of the most surprising additions to the show this year. At first, she seemed as cardboard as Lockwood, but as seen in this week’s story, she is a person of high morals, even if she used “the book” as something of a crutch when her morality was in doubt. I hope she sticks around next season.

Supergirl airs Sundays on The CW.

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