Everything’s Out To Get You In Final World Of Days Gone Video

by Sage Ashford

In the last week before Sony Bend Studio’s new open world survival action title Days Gone is released, the developer has released one final video detailing survival in the world of Days of Gone, a world in which everything is actively trying to kill you. In this video, we see Deacon test his mettle not only against “Freakers”, the game’s signature society-destroying monsters, but against the wildlife which has been infected with a similar virus…and against certain groups of humans who don’t exactly have the best of intentions for people not already with them.

Days Gone tells the story of Deacon St. John, a member of the Mongrel Motorcycle Club before society collapsed thanks to a virus which ravaged the country. Now a bounty hunter in the Pacific Northwest, he works alongside his friend Boozer as they travel the country completing tasks for whoever can offer them supplies, until Deacon finds his bike destroyed and his friend injured.  The story follows how they survive, but also delves into understanding exactly what tore society apart to begin with.

Days Gone releases on April 26th for PlayStation 4.

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