Sea Of Thieves Tells ‘Tall Tales’ For Their Upcoming Story Expansion

by Sage Ashford

Microsoft and Rare have revealed a trailer for the upcoming story-focused expansion to their online pirate adventure game Sea of Thieves in “Tall Tales: Shores of Gold”.  Having celebrated a full year on the market only a month ago, Rare isn’t easing up on supporting Sea of Thieves, as Tall Tales centers adds nine interconnected quests to the game.
The quests will take players around Sea of Thieves’ world and delve into exploring more of the game world’s backstory, as they search for the Shroudbreaker, an item granting access to an island that lies beyond the borders of the mortal world, containing untold treasure.  The player’s quest to gain the Shroudbreaker will take them to areas protected by dangerous traps and puzzles they’ll have to solve if they want to reach their goals.
Tall Tales will also introduce a new skeleton type: Skeleton Lords, who are larger and tougher than any other skeleton enemies discovered thus far. These enemies will be protecting the islands on the way to the Shroudbreaker, to deter the weak-willed from achieving their goals.
Only one part of all the additions made to Sea of Thieves lately, Tall Tales looks like it aims to solve the problem players have had with the lack of story and progression to the game.
“Tall Tales – Shores of Gold” launches alongside the free anniversary update, on April 30th for Xbox One and PC.

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