AfterShock’s Orphan Age #1 Sells Out, Goes Back For 2nd Printing

by James Ferguson

Orphan Age, one of the new series launched this month from AfterShock Comics has sold out of its first issue at the distribution level. The publisher is rushing out a second printing, due out on May 15th with a new cover.

Orphan Age is written by Ted Anderson, illustrated by Nuno Plati, and lettered by Marshall Dillon.  It’s set in a world where all the adults died at the same time. Fast forward twenty years and the children left behind are all grown up and still rebuilding the world. They’re living in the dark ages of sorts as there’s no gasoline or electricity. The only power in America is the New Church, the religion of the angry children, who blame the destruction of the old world on the dead adults.

Orphan Age #1 (2nd Printing) is set for release on May 15th, 2019. The final order cutoff date for comic shops is April 29th, 2019.

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