Lucifer Rises Again In Fourth Season Trailer

by Erik Amaya


Netflix has opened the Pit and unleashed a new trailer for the upcoming season of Lucifer, the series it saved from purgatory last year. Tom Ellis continues to play the wayward, hedonistic Prince of Darkness who helps the LAPD solve crimes while evading his duties and destiny. But his destiny may finally be catching up with him as Eve (Inbar Lavi) enters the frame. The two had a rapport before, and based on the scenes here, we can definitely see why. While her character description suggests a person more like Lilith, Eve’s unexpected sweetness impresses some of the team. Nonetheless, there is a prophecy: evil will be released when the Devil finds his first love. Will Eve lead him down a path of destruction or will Lucifer once again shrug off any notion of duty to rebel as only he can?

Lucifer returns May 8th on Netflix.

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