Dial H For Hero #2 Dives Deeper Into The Mystery Of The H-Dial

by Tony Thornley

The road trip adventure is one of the most popular types of stories in American media, to the point that it often requires a twist to stay fresh. Does Dial H For Hero #2 keep it fresh?

Sam Humphries, Joe Quinones, Jordan Gibson, and Dave Sharpe hit the road in the series’ second issue.

Miguel and Summer try to plan their next move, without the Operator’s involvement. However, Mister Thunder’s agents are close on their trail. Can they shake them long enough to protect the Dial and find out what the Operator wants Miguel for?

Humphries continues to build an interesting new mythology for the H-Dial here. Mister Thunder and the Operator are both interesting foils, with enough mystery to their motives that it’s unclear whether they’re really what they seem. He even adds a great wrinkle to Miguel by showing that, despite his daredevil nature, becoming a superhero isn’t necessarily what he wants.

Even if the story wasn’t great (which it is), this issue would be worth it just for Quinones’ art. His characters are expressive, and never feel static. The highlight of this issue though, by far, is the manga inspired superhero fight, with Miguel adopting an Evangelon inspired identity while his opponent goes full DragonBall. It’s enhanced even more by Gibson’s color work, which adapts to the action of the story and embraces its inspirations. It’s exciting, fun, and shows how truly talented Quinones is.

This is one of the most fun books to come from DC Comics in a long time. You should be checking it out.

Dial H For Hero #2 is available now from DC Comics.

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