Brooklyn Nine-Nine 6.14 Recap: The Precinct Faces A Cyberattack

by Gary Catig

Scully and Hitchcock hog the only microwave in the precinct heating up their fancy Mamma Magglione lasagna. Factoring the subpar power, it will take twenty-one and a half minutes to make. Unfortunately, they find they have no garlic bread and rush out to ensure they can pick one up and cook it before their lunch is done. At the same time, Rosa notices the internet is running slower than usual and her and Jake go to Holt’s office to investigate. Their captain is having a meltdown because someone is trying to break into their high clearance servers and despite the best efforts from Sergeant Knox, the accompanying cyber operations officer, the hacker will gain access to the privileged information if the precinct can’t stop the criminal.

[*Spoilers For 6.14 Ahead!]

At least the hacker is accessing the network locally so he has to be in the building. The precinct is put on lockdown and the detectives only have 15 minutes to find the culprit or risk giving up all the secret info on the servers. A last resort would be for Holt to erase the memory and lose all the evidence on four months’ worth of cases. There’s a lot of urgency for them to find the hacker but after checking each floor, they come up empty handed. As an added diversion, a holding cell is unlocked and several sorority girls escape.

After the college coeds are round up, Amy returns from a dentist appointment. Her arrival brings good news as Sergeant Knox, pinpoints the hacker’s location and the crew go to apprehend him. They reach the room but it’s empty. Jake becomes suspicious of Knox since they all know nothing about computers and believes he’s exploiting their ignorance. Amy then recognizes the cyber ops officer as a murderer from one of her cases. They all hurry back to Holt’s office but find he’s held at gunpoint by the imposter. The fire alarm goes off from Scully and Hitchcock’s burning garlic bread and the crew use the distraction to subdue Knox and save the captain.

In the middle of all the madness, Diaz is visited at the office by her girlfriend, Jocelyn. She wants to break up because they hardly spend any time together. Despite putting up a tough front, Diaz confesses to Jake how much she cares for Jocelyn and doesn’t want to lose her. Rosa has Jake cover for her as she goes to win her significant other back. Jocelyn is moved that Diaz put her job on hold for her and they reconcile.

This episode was pretty straight forward as a suspenseful thriller. The Nine-Nine race against the clock to catch the hacker before he gains access to their top-secret servers. There were a lot of wild good chases and dead ends but luckily, they nab their guy. On the character development front, it was nice to see more vulnerability from Diaz because she usually has a gruff demeanor. In Jocelyn, she’s found someone she truly cares for. Theirs is a relationship deeper than one’s Rosa has had in the past like her lustful and very physical romance with Adrian Pimento.

My Favorite Lines:

Jake: Why don’t you just unplug it? That’s what I do any time I have computer trouble and also, I code a lot. Java. Mainframe. This guy knows what I’m talking about.

Rosa: You want to break up? I just met your college friends. You’re telling me I talked to them for nothing?

Sorority Girl: That’s too bad because you could use some decent shoes.

Terry: What?! Terry got these at Aldo.

Sorority Girl: Were they buy one get one?

Terry: No, it wasn’t. It was a three for one Labor Day doorbuster.

Sorority Girl: Makes sense.

Rosa: Cuz I have a plan. I’m going to beg her to stay, change whatever it is I need to change and once our relationship is stronger than ever, I’m going to dump her ass so quick, it’s going to be brutal.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs Thursdays at 9:00 pm on NBC.

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