Critiquing Comics #154: ‘Some Strange Disturbances’ And Tim Sees A Marvel Movie!

by Hannah Means Shannon

The Critiquing Comics Podcast is back tonight, from the same folks who bring us Deconstructing Comics, but this time focusing on the craft of making comics—and, well, going to a film this time!
Strange Disturbances & Capt Marvel
This time, we diverge from the normal format and discuss a variety of topics:
1:17 Writer Craig Hurd-McKenny sent us three of his LGBTQ+-friendly comics, and we discuss them all: The Magic If (art by Gervasio, Melisa Jones, and Tyler Smith-Owings), The Brontes: Infernal Angria (art by Rick Geary), and Some Strange Disturbances (art by Gervasio, Carlos Aon, and Tyler Smith-Owings).
32:16 In Deconstructing Comics last week, Tim talked to some comics retailers in Chicago about the state of the industry. Tim and Mulele react to the retailers’ comments.
55:17 Tim talks about the movies he saw during his visit to the U.S.: Captain Marvel, Dumbo, and Shazam!
1:26:53 We read mail from creators whose comics we’ve discussed in past episodes.
Listen up below!

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