Love, Death, And Robots: ‘Ice Age’ Analysis

by Tito W. James

What would you do if you had a lost human civilization in your refrigerator? Ice Age, based on the short story by Michael Swanwick, follows a couple as they observe the rise and fall of human civilization, all within the confines of their ice box.

The use of fast motion to convey human progress is impressive. Skyscrapers and cities are built in a blur of color and sound. The animators were able to make centuries of progress fly by in a matter of seconds.

[*Spoilers ahead***]

This was a much more uplifting episode of Love, Death, and Robots. The short hints at a possible future for humanity beyond the horrors of war and we get a glimpse of a sparkling utopia before it vanishes like a snowflake melting in the sun.

Love, Death, and Robots is currently streaming on Netflix.

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