Rod Espinosa’s Adventure Finders Comes To Action Lab

by James Ferguson

The Adventure Finders have discovered a new home at Action Lab Entertainment. The publisher has announced the first four issues of Rod Espinosa’s series will be available digitally first through ComiXology beginning on May 1st with the complete first volume coming on May 15th. The second volume, called “The Edge of Empire” will be available physically in August 2019. If you’re attending San Diego Comic Con you’ll get a chance to pick up the book early with a convention exclusive cover.

Adventure Finders is described as a mix of Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones, but centered on female characters. It’s ideal for gamers and RPG players alike as it draws from elements of classic Dungeons and Dragons.

Creator Rod Espinosa says:

I believe a lot of female centered stories still miss much of what it really means to be female centered. Books like Elfquest get it. It’s not about women being just as aggressive as the men. Or acting like a man in a woman’s body. It’s a whole new way of dealing with situations and adventures laid out.

It’s clear that Espinosa put a lot of thought and care into Adventure Finders. There’s a reason for everything and reading his perspective on the book’s creation adds to the excitement.

Espinosa adds:

Male centered fantasy deals a lot with just the combat aspects. The men never have to worry about feeding children or protecting the women. They blow into town, fight and party, and then leave. This is about a story of adventurers who care about the whole package. Not just saving the village from monsters, but keeping them alive afterwards.

Adventure Finders can be pre-ordered on ComiXology right now.

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