Marvel’s Major X Stacks The Sell Outs, More Printings On The Way

by James Ferguson

Major X, Rob Liefeld’s return to the X-Men, is proving to be a big hit among fans. Marvel Comics has announced that Major X #3 has sold out ahead of its release. This follows a trend as the same happened with the first two issues. Major X #1 has sold out of its second printing and is heading back for a third with a special variant.

Rob Liefeld says:

In over 30 years of producing comic books, I’ve never seen anything like this. I’ve never had three books completely sell out before fans get a chance to experience them! The fan reaction to Major X has been nothing short of the most overwhelming experience in my career. They inundate me with their enjoyment and enthusiasm of the book and the new characters. I’ve never seen so many fan sketches as I have for Major X…I am humbled and inspired by this reception. I promise you, with three issues left, the best is yet to come. The work on issue #3 by my longtime friend and peer, Whilce Portacio, underscores the excitement we are all having bring Major X to you! We are celebrating by giving you brand new covers on our additional printings!

Major X #3 is due out on May 1st, 2019. It’s written by Rob Liefeld and illustrated by Wilce Portacio.

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