Spawn #296 Gets A Second Printing As We Count Down To Issue #300

by Olly MacNamee

Todd McFarlane’s Spawn #296, with art by Jason Shawn Alexander and cover by Francesco Mattina finds itself sold out and therefore in need of a second printing as this title ramps up to the 300th anniversary issue in just a few months

The road to Spawn’s record-setting 300th issue begins here with Spawn #296. Witness the secrets of Al Simmons’ past, present, and future. Every hero! Every villain! Revisit Spawn’s legend in an epic, wide-screen story that kicks off a celebration 27-years in the making.

Spawn #296 second printing (Diamond Code MAR198648) will be available on Wednesday, May 29th. The final order cutoff deadline for retailers is Monday, May 6th.

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